NANCY VOLUME 1 reviewed by Star Tribune

Holiday books: Graphic novels

Star Tribune    |    Tom Horgen    |    November 21, 2009

From "Johnny Cash: I See a Darkness" to "Bob Dylan Revisited" to "Nancy Vol. 1"

Nancy Vol. 1 by John Stanley

First off: The design of this hardcover collection is amazing. Nancy was the young star of a classic Sunday comic strip by Ernie Bushmiller (imagine Charlie Brown but with more attitude). Nancy later appeared in comic books by children's master John Stanley, and those stories are given the royal treatment here. The strips appear in their original halftone glory on faux newsprint pages. The cover (designed by Seth) is a simple but stunningly bold graphic of Nancy's trademark puffy black hairdo. The stories will entice older nostalgic fans and entertain young readers.

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