MY MOST SECRET DESIRE in Nashville City Paper

Nashville City Paper Review - My Most Secret Desire

Nashville City Paper    |    Nashville City Paper Staff    |    March 24, 2006

A startling, unnerving and enthralling graphic novel, My Most Secret Desire is a dream diary by cartoonist Julie Doucet. Originally released in 1995, this edition contains new material and a sharp-looking design.

The cover shows three images of Doucet, crying in all of them, but with different emotions on her face; and so it is with the content inside — each dream is extremely personal, but they represent a different facet of Doucet’s warped and enticing subconscious.

None of the stories make sense for very long, like most dreams, but you quickly get into the rhythm of the absurdities of Doucet’s mind, creating a reading experience where you can switch off the “story” part of your brain and just enjoy the fluid, logic-less dreams.

Doucet’s cartooning style is indebted to R. Crumb, certainly, but over the course of the book you see her growth as an artist, as it collects material from 1988-1995. The book’s subject matter — Doucet’s strange, vivid dreams — would be enough to hold your interest alone, but it’s her raw, alive cartooning that really makes this book a dream to remember.

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