MOOMIN reviewed in the Syracuse Post Standard/Herald-Journal

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The Post Standard/Herald-Journal    |    Jeff Kapalka    |    December 3, 2006

"Moomin: The Complete Tove Jansson Comic Strip Book One," Drawn & Quarterly; $19.95.

[D+Q excerpt:]

"If you want something a little more exotic, Drawn & Quarterly is starting to reprint Finnish cartoonist's Tove Jansson's gentle fantasy strip "Moomin" in a series of handsome hardcover volumes.

The strip, begun in 1953, is a surreal mixture of mirth and melancholy, following the exploits of the hippo-like Moomin and his various friends, foes and acquaintances, as they venture forth in search of fame, fortune, love and adequate housing."

"The strip can get quite dark at times. What other comic strip would begin a light-hearted adventure with the main character contemplating suicide? Or have a character suffer pangs of conscience after feasting on a dinner of roast pig? ('I wonder if he had a wife,' thinks Moomin's mamma. Of course, he had, and mom meets up with the missus. 'Can't you forgive us for eating your husband?' she asks. Mrs. Pig replies, 'Yes. In fact he was an awful bore.')"


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