MOOMIN 4 reviewed by Booklist

Booklist Review - Moomin 4

Booklist     |    Ray Olson    |    July 1, 2009

Tove Jansson believed in the spontaneity that her beloved creations, the Moomins, lived, and producing a daily newspaper strip soon palled. Consigning scripting duties to her brother in 1959, she drew for two more years before bowing out altogether. Four of the five continuities in this collection are collaborations, but the siblings were very simpatico, and the gently wry humor that is Moomin’s great distinction illuminates everything here. With the writing off her plate, Tove indulged a decorative impulse that shows in the vertical panel borders of “The Conscientious Moomins,” in which they strive to “make something of themselves”—fortunately, to no avail. Two other adventures stem from Moominpappa’s accidental construction of a time machine; the Wild West and the Age of Reason become the time-travelers’ destinations and satiric targets. Apocalyptic hysteria is ridden firmly into the ground (and back out again) in “Moomin and the Comet,” while in Tove’s final solo essay, “Moomin and the Golden Tail,” Moomin learns the fleeting joys and much more enduring annoyances of celebrity. Jolly good stuff!

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