Montreal Gazette praises “genius” of BIG QUESTIONS and PAYING FOR IT

A reader’s year: a personal rundown of 2011′s best books

Montreal Gazette    |    Ian McGillis    |    December 31, 2011

In a bumper year for graphic lit the two books that stand out most for me are Anders Nilsen’s Big Questions and Chester Brown’s Paying For It. The former shows how well the graphic form can accommodate large-scale visions of personal genius (yes, I’m prepared to call Big Questions a work of genius); as for the latter, it would feel a bit odd to say that I “enjoyed” Brown’s raw and frank account of his experience with prostitutes, but it sure has stayed with me, and Brown is to be heartily applauded for his sheer contrariness in following up his bestselling Louis Riel: A Comic-Strip Biography with a book whose appeal overlaps with its predecessor’s in no obvious way at all.

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