The Montreal Gazette lists EDEN in its 2010 favourites

It's not too late! Five good ones that got away in 2010.

The Montreal Gazette    |    The Montreal Gazette    |    January 8, 2011

Finally, I’m sorry if it’s getting repetitive reading paeans to Drawn & Quarterly, but as long as they keep publishing things as uniquely appealing as Eden by Pablo Holmberg (D & Q) the tributes will keep on coming. The Argentinian Holmberg works in miniatures, presenting a loosely linked series of self-contained four-panel single-page vignettes, many involving a small crowned creature of uncertain species. If “there are no kings inside the Gates of Eden,” as Holmberg quotes Bob Dylan, then what exactly is this monarch-like figure doing in this vaguely medieval paradise where weeping willows receive sympathy and mirrors are forgiven? As much as Holmberg’s creations might appear to be absurdist and whimsical—and they are, in the best of ways--a parallel-world logic slowly coheres. At times recalling artists as far-flung as Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Tove Jansson and George Herriman, Holmberg remains very much his own man and Eden its own world. The curious can explore that world further at

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