Miriam Katin’s WE ARE ON OUR OWN reviewed in the Boston Globe

Margins to Mainstream; Recent Novels Bring the Outsider Experience In

The Boston Globe    |    Carlo Wolff     |    August 13, 2006

You'll want to absorb... Miriam Katin's "We Are on Our Own" (Drawn & Quarterly, 122 pp., $19.95)

Katin's "We Are on Our Own" is a skillfully rendered memoir about Katin and her mother's harrowing escape from Budapest in 1944. Its world is gray, its characters complex; even the Nazi commandant who inveigles Katin's mother into an unwilling relationship has a human side. The narrative moves quickly; the lie her mother's friend spreads to throw the Nazis off track is telescoped in a page that is the last graphic word on gossip. I couldn't figure out what kind of soldier Katin's father was or which front he was fighting on. Otherwise, this narrative, rendered in soft, nuanced pencil, rings modest and true.

Carlo Wolff regularly reviews graphic novels for the Globe.

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