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Superman confronts his last days in 'All-Star'

Syracuse    |    Jeff Kapalka     |    February 27, 2011

Comics fans of a certain age confronting their own mortality might want to pick up Joe Ollmann's "Mid-Life" from Drawn & Quarterly. It's a darkly humorous tale of regular people at the halfway point in their lives wondering whatever happened to their dreams.

The story centers on John, a 40 year old magazine exec who, stressing out over job, family and ungrateful cats, sends an innocent (sort of) e-mail to Sherry, a children's performer that his son likes, and might make for a story for the magazine.
It doesn't hurt that John thinks that Sherry is a knock-out.

Meanwhile, Sherry is undergoing her own crisis, as her dreams of being a rock star are fading fast.
"Mid-Life" is hilarious, desperate, and filled with panic. It also contains scenes of drunken monkey violence. You have been warned.

Recommended for mature audiences.

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