MID-LIFE in the Miami Herald

Mid-Life Crises, Traffic Jams

The Miami Herald    |    The Miami Herald    |    March 11, 2011

Mid Life. Joe Ollmann. Drawn & Quarterly. 184 pages. $19.95.
Funny, serious, poignant and disgusting, Canadian art director and cartoonist Ollmann’s “semi-autobiographical” story of a 40-year-old with adult children remarried to a younger wife (and a father again) is a real treat. The nine-panel grid, used throughout the story, might be confining to some artists, but Ollmann’s story of mid-life dilemmas moves unrestrained through diverse settings and emotions. The depiction of the protagonist based on himself (though not entirely, he avers) is far from flattering but the authenticity, even in this fictional portrait of self-loathing, love for his children and angry pursuit of happiness, is no less genuine.

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