MELVIN MONSTER reviewed by The Post Standard

"Melvin Monster,' "Doctor Who' Make Summer Fun

The Post Standard    |    Jeff Kapalka     |    July 24, 2009

Summer is approaching, and that means vacations, sitting out in the sun, sipping iced tea and reading comics. That's what it means to me, at any rate.
Back in 1965, '"Melvin Monster" debuted on the stands. A deceptively simple strip featuring a little boy monster who is constantly disappointing his parents by wanting to go to school and doing good deeds, it was written by master comic scripter John Stanley.
"Melvin Monster Volume 1,"Drawn & Quarterly; $19.99.
You may remember Stanley from his work on "Little Lulu." I prefer his run of "Nancy & Sluggo." Drawn & Quarterly is celebrating Stanley's work with "The John Stanley Library," a series of hardcovers, the first of which reprints the first three issues of "Melvin Monster."
As a kid, I enjoyed it as silly fun. Now, a bit older, I can appreciate Stanley's comic timing and flair for visual comedy. Note to D&Q: Bring on the rest of the Stanley Library as soon as possible.

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