MELVIN MONSTER reviewed by Booklist

Booklist Review - Melvin Monster

Booklist    |    Ray Olson    |    July 1, 2009

About half a decade after ending his long run on Little Lulu, comic-book creator Stanley launched another
kid comic. Publishing only nine issues between 1965 and 1969, it had the same fresh, quirky humor that
distinguished Lulu, which it resembles stylistically, confirming Stanley’s domination of the art as well as
the scripts of his work. Superficially, it is as different as Bizarro is from Superman. Lovable monsters were
in the air, what with the short-lived yet hugely influential TV series The Munsters and The Addams
Family. The kids in those clans, however, were ancillary (who wouldn’t be to Al Lewis as Grandpa or
John Astin as Gomez?), whereas pudgy little Melvin easily steals scenes from his gauze-wrapped Mummy
and hulking Baddy. Melvin’s adventures indulge topsy-turvy humor far more than the stories of that old
witch, Hazel, that Lulu tells in her comic. When Melvin wants to go to school, not only does Baddy
explode with disapproval—his Hazel-like teacher keels over in shock! Such stuff seems timeless, as
delightful now as it was in the sixties.

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