MASTERPIECE COMICS gets a 5/5 from Comixtreme

Captain Andy's Graphic Funkapus #2

Comixtreme    |    Andrea Speed    |    November 16, 2009

What a brilliant idea. In this oversized book, classic literature is “re-imagined” in classic comic strip form. So you have Christopher Marlowe's “Dr. Faustus” redone as “Mephistofield”, starring the cast of the Garfield comic strip, “Good Ol' Gregor Brown" portraying Kafka's Metamorphosis through the cast of Peanuts, the Batman cast coming in for Raskol's Crime and Punishment (a redo of the Dostoevsky novel), and in one of my favorite mash ups, Mac Worth, giving us an abbreviated version of MacBeth starring the Mary Worth cast. Other goodies here include Wilde's Dorian Grey meeting Little Nemo In Slumberland, Wuthering Heights meeting Tales From The Crypt, Little Lulu meeting The Scarlet Letter (this works so well it verges on genius), and the most unusual bit, “Action Camus", which tells the tale of The Stranger through mock up Action Comics covers featuring a Superman like character as our existentialist amoral antihero. The stories are compressed very well, and all the art styles Sikoryak takes on are pitch perfect. I mean, they look exactly like the comics they're supposed to be, including the end page of Beavis and Butthead's version of "Waiting For Godot" (again, genius). It's rare that parody could also be used as a refresher course in the classics (both literary and comic), but this could. It is brilliant, and you must run, not walk, to get this immediately. Every shelf needs this book.

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