Marble Season reviewed on Slate

The Book Reader: 'Julio's Day', 'Marble Season'

Slate    |    Dan Kois    |    May 24, 2013

More than 30 years ago, Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez created "Love and Rockets", one of the first great titles of the comix revolution that transformed cartoons from cheap pulp entertainment to the rich art form they are today. The Hernandez brothers are still working, expanding their "Love and Rockets" stories but also creating fresh new comics for new readers to discover.

This month, Gilbert Hernandez - Beto, as he's known - has two books out from two different publishers. They're both great, and they're great introductions to Los Bros Hernandez for those of you who've been intimidated by their 30-plus years of work....

....Drawn and Quarterly has just published "Marble Season", a charming book about Beto's childhood as a second-generation immigrant in Oxnard, California.

Just like in the Peanuts cartoons that inspired the look and feel of this book, adults are absent from this world. It's a town made of kids, who watch TV, fight, play make-believe and mete out justice when necessary. If you've ever been a kid with a crush, or a kid who made a new friend, or a kid who can't believe the injustice of the world, you'll love "Marble Season".

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