excerpt from One! Hundred! Demons!

Lynda Barry’s One! Hundred! Demons! recommended among Wisconsin books

21 recommended books by Wisconsin writers from the 21st century

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel    |    Jim Higgins    |    September 21, 2021

'One! Hundred! Demons!' Lynda Barry (2002)

Barry, a cartoonist and writer who teaches at the UW-Madison, earned a MacArthur Foundation genius grant for both her personal work and for the methods she has developed to teach creativity. "One! Hundred! Demons!" is a memoir in the form of short cartoon vignettes. She took the notion from a Zen monk centuries ago who painted his own demons to make them less powerful. Barry draws the demons that trouble her, from mundane things like head lice and the smells of other people's houses to the troubling suicides of childhood friends. True to her mission of encouraging creativity, she finishes with a guide to painting your own demons.

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