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D'oh! Matt Groening Chats with Lynda Barry

NBC    |    Alysia Gray Painter    |    November 18, 2008

We want to be perpetually 10 years old, like Bart Simpson. Or have a tower of blue hair. Can Matt help us? We'll find out, at the Hammer Museum.

"Can't wait to see that new show with the sexy gal who works at that one place," we said to our friend. "It's already canned," said the friend. "Gone." Oy. Shows are leaving the tube faster than we can TiVo them, except "The Simpsons," which has now been on for 87 years, debuting, in an odd twist, several decades before the invention of television.
Matt Groening, the genial, beard-y father of TV's most famous cartoon family, must know something about creating art that can make a profit and not be marched out to the woodshed after exactly two airings. Lynda Barry, the creator of "Ernie Pook's Comeek" has kept a comic thriving in the alternative newspaper world for several years running. That lady is tough stuff for sure. And funny. And deep.

What will be the theme of their conversation at the Hammer? What are their secrets to making hilarious, dark stuff that they get paid for? Do they have an insights for the rest of us? Or will they chat about other matters altogether, like balloons, extra-pulp orange juice and naps? We don't care. These two gifted artist/writers could sit on the stage and have a "don't blink" contest and we'd sign up to watch.

Tuesday, November 18, 7PM
The Hammer Museum, 10899 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles

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