LYNDA BARRY event included in the New York Times’ Urbaneye

Hula With Patter and Cartoons

The New York Times: Urbaneye    |    Melena Ryzik    |    June 4, 2008

The reclusive cartoonist Lynda Barry makes a rare trip to the Strand tonight. The creator of the long-running strip "Ernie Pook's Comeek," anchored by the snooty pig-tailed Marlys, will share her first book, "What It Is," a series of collages about her take on art-making. If her appearance is anything like her workshops - in which Carol Kino says she "sings, tells jokes, acts out characters and even dances a creditably sensual hula, all while keeping up an apparently extemporaneous patter on subjects like brain science, her early boy-craziness, her admiration for Jimmy Carter and the joys of menopause" - you will come away with a new appreciation for pig-tailed creativity.

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