Los Angeles Magazine interviews Tavi Gevinson

Tavi Talks L.A. Style, Cartoon Palm Trees and Her West Coast Move

Los Angeles Magazine    |    Elizabeth Johnson    |    July 30, 2012

We caught up with Tavi Gevinson at TenOverSix on Sunday, where she hosted a party to celebrate Wren’s Fall collection. Guests included Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley, Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter as well as filmmakers Sarah Sophie Flicker and Maximilla Lukacs. The duo directed Wren’s short film "Beware of Young Girls," which was screened at the event and stars Gevinson. In the film, the 16-year-old blogger dons Wren’s new collection and contributes some major singing chops to Dory Previn’s song “Beware of Young Girls.”
At the laid-back event, guests sipped drinks from Sofia Champagne and checked out select pieces from Wren’s '60s-inspired collection, which included striped sweater dresses and double-breasted coats. Music curated by Gevinson provided the soundtrack for the evening.
After taking a break from the party for a quick bite of In-N-Out, Tavi, sporting a blue and white striped frock from Wren’s spring collection, gave us her take on L.A. fashion and why she finds the city a little spooky…

What do you find inspiring about L.A.?

It kind of looks like a cartoon. The palm trees look like tall skinny people with giant heads, and then there are crosses everywhere in the sky and it’s like a weird place of worship. I like the combination of the Hollywood sign with all these candy colored houses, but then there’s this underlying history of crime and Hollywood mysteries and there’s something spooky about all the psychics.

How would you define L.A. style?

It’s really spread out. Whenever I go to Family or Supreme, I guess skaters here have a cool style. It’s definitely more relaxed than where I live [Chicago], or New York.

Do you dress differently when you come here?

Yeah, I like to break out the '60s, '70s prints and silhouettes and colors, like pink and green and yellow, and kind of match all the candy colored houses.

Are there any preconceptions about L.A. that you have found not to be true?

I think it’s very easy for a lot of people who’ve never been here to know this one idea of L.A.that’s really just one pocket of the city and one group of people. But I think coming here the surprise was that a lot of people are really different from each other.

What are your favorite L.A. shopping spots and restaurants?

I like In-N-Out, I like Umami…I went to this vintage store Playclothes the other day that I really liked. I’ve been meaning to go to Shareen’s, and I promised my friend she would be the first one to take me to Amoeba, so that’s still on my to-do list.

Who are some of your favorite L.A. designers?

Well I love Wren and Melissa, obviously, and Kate and Laura of Rodarte, and I love Patrik Ervell.

Do you want to move to L.A. after you graduate?

Yeah, I plan on taking a gap year, and I just think it would be nice to be out here. I have to get better at driving first, because I’m really bad.

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