The London Times’ glowing review of You’re All Just Jealous Of My Jetpack

Her Wings of Desire

The London Times    |    Tom Gatti    |    April 20, 2013

(...) Tom Gauld — who, like Collins, does a weekly cartoon in the Guardian — has collected his strips in You're All Just Jealous Of My Jetpack. Every single-page piece is a clever, funny, slightly bonkers riff on a literary theme: the book's title is Science Fiction's response to Proper Literature's snobbish tutting. We get some of the errors in Dan Brown's new book explained ("rabbits are mute, so the phone call in chapter three is impossible"); Kenneth Grahame's initial character ideas before settling on Ratty, Mole and Mister Toad (Prawny, Spoon and Madame Aubergine); a season of innovative Shakespeare productions (including Toddler Coriolanus and Skype Romeo and Juliet) and Brontë Sisters: The Videogame. Gauld's graphic novel, Goliath, published last year, was a sublime, Beckettian take on the Bible. With Jetpack, he mops up everything else.

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