Lisa Hanawalt interviewed by Comic Book Resources

Hanawalt Collects 'My Dirty Dumb Eyes'

Comic Book Resources    |    Alex Dueben    |    May 24, 2013

Lisa Hanawalt has made an impression reputation for herself as a cartoonist and illustrator over the past few years. She won the Ignatz Award for Outstanding Mini-Comic in 2009 for "Stay Away From Other People" and the Ignatz Award for Best Comic the following year for "I Want You" #1. She's illustrated numerous books including Kristen Schaal's "The Sexy Book of Sexy Sex," "Farts Around the World: A Spotter's Guide" and the children's book "Benny's Brigade." She was a member of the former artists collective known as Pizza Island and is co-host of the weekly podcast Baby Geniuses.

"My Dirty Dumb Eyes" collects Hanawalt's comic books and various other publications. She has her own unique take on the world, whether reviewing movies, telling comic stories of moose and cats and horses, playing with the indicia of the book or just offering advice for living with a significant other, Hanawalt shows herself to be an original voice in comics. Her book was releasedby Drawn and Quarterly at Toronto Comic Arts Festival last weekend and Hanawalt spoke with CBR News about the collection before journeying to Canada.

CBR News: Lisa, to start, will you introduce yourself and talk a little about your background?

Lisa Hanawalt: Hello, I'm Lisa! I grew up in the Bay Area, my parents are biologists at Stanford University and my older brother is a film director/editor. My family's liberal and artsy and we like to make terrible puns.

I studied art at UCLA (mostly painting, photography and ceramics). I moved to Brooklyn four years ago because I figured it was time to live somewhere other than California and I was seduced by the NY comics scene. I also met my boyfriend Adam here and wanted to live in the same city as him....

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