Library Journal reviews WALT AND SKEEZIX: 1927-1928

SLJ Review - Walt and Skeezix: The Complete Daily Strips, 1927-1928

Library Journal    |    Julia Cox    |    November 16, 2010

This is the latest volume in Drawn & Quarterly's ongoing anthology of daily strips from the famous and long-running Gasoline Alley. The comic was distinguished by a continuing story arc that saw its characters age and change, providing daily snapshots of American life. With the 1921 introduction of Skeezix, a baby left on the doorstep of good-natured bachelor Walt Wallet, the focus became the gentle and realistic relationship between father and adoptive son. In this volume, that relationship is threatened when shallow, opportunistic Mme. Octave and her ex-husband try to claim Skeezix as theirs. Along the way, King explores the question of what really makes a family?blood or loving care. Biographical notes and archival photos round out this well-designed presentation.

Verdict: Classic comics fans and history buffs (along with those who know the present-day strip) should find this fascinating. Although it can stand alone, it would be enjoyed most with the earlier volumes. One negative note: while the stereotypical portrayal of the Wallet family's African American servant is very much of its time, it may be jarring for modern readers.

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