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Library Journal Review    |    Library Journal Reviews Staff    |    October 25, 2004

This superb new book, the first of two in a set by the author of the acclaimed It's a Good Life If You Don't Weaken, tells the story of the
Matchcard brothers, Abraham and Simon, and the electric fan business they inherited from their father. In the first half, an isolated and aged
Abraham, living alone in the long-closed Clyde Fans building, narrates a history of the company while he putters around its derelict storefront office, talking about the rules of salesmanship and about his introverted brother Simon, who lived most of his life in that building. The second half, set 40 years before, depicts Simon's single disastrous attempt to escape the office, a sales trip on which he fails to overcome his timidity. This is a quiet story quietly told, with deliberate pacing, artful page composition, and simple-looking but tremendously effective black-and-white artwork.
Seth's lingering focus on small moments gives them deep meaning, bringing alive the struggles and sorrows of average people with great poignancy. The book's themes will resonate with adult readers, for whom it's strongly recommended. (for the Graphic Novels column by Steve Raiteri)

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