The L Magazine Interviews Lisa Hanawalt

Interview: Greenpoint Comics Artist Lisa Hanawalt and the View From My Dirty Dumb Eyes

The L Magazine,    |    Jeff Klingman    |    May 20, 2013

In the comics of Greenpoint artist Lisa Hanawalt, familiar things get very odd, very fast. The award-winning artist, who's been published in The New York Times, The Believer, VICE, and Vanity Fair (to name a few) draws straight from her own dark Id, yet manages to turn subjects that could be icky into whimsical nonsense that can't help but confuse and delight. In her disturbingly detailed pages, the secret lives of dogs and celebrity chefs are revealed. Dirty daydreams involve miniaturizing the surfing bank robbers from Point Break. Anna Wintour gives birth to fanciful birds. If you sex a lady just right, she might turn into a velociraptor.

Two years in the making, her new book My Dumb Dirty Eyes is released by indie comics powerhouse Drawn & Quarterly next Monday. There's a book launch for it at 7PM tonight at the Power House Arena in DUMBO. Ahead of all this excitement, we talked to Hanawalt about her book, her illustration career, her dirty mind, and the fetish communities just hankering for new drawings of sexy lizard ladies....

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