KING-CAT CLASSIX gets a starred review in the Library Journal

Porcellino, John. King-Cat Classix: The Best of King-Cat Comics and Stories. Drawn & Quarterly

The Library Journal    |    Ruthanne Price    |    April 15, 2007

Since 1989, King-Cat Comics and Stories has been an anchor in the self-published comics community. Porcellino has faithfully published his little magazine—not necessarily regularly, not necessarily on time—but always faithfully and honestly. This weighty collection gathers the best of the first 50 issues of King-Cat with selections of ephemera (reproductions of letters, essay, reviews, and stories) that make each issue singular. While not exhaustive, King-Cat Classix manages to display the gradual evolution of an artist, from early punk rock scratchings and disjointed ramblings through the reserved simplicity of Porcellino's later drawings. Readers will grasp the development of both a man and the practitioner of a craft. The publisher attempted to maintain the feel of the original publications by keeping the dimensions of the book roughly the same as a standard sheet of paper folded in two instead of opting for a coffeetable-type retrospective. But a retrospective it is—a comprehensive introduction to the work of a great living artist as well as a tribute to the foundational efforts of an icon. Because of the explicit nature of some of the work, King-Cat Classix is suitable for adult collections. Highly recommended.—Ruthanne Price, Vaughan Pub. Libs., Ont.

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