KING-CAT CLASSIX in in Entertainment Weekly

EW's editor-at-large recommends a Jack Kirby collection, a fascinating manga series, and more

Entertainment Weekly    |    Ken Tucker    |    July 6, 2007

What started out as a self-published mini-comic ''zine'' has grown into this handsomely designed 384-page anthology of artist-writer Porcellino's intentionally simple drawings, largely autobiographical tales and renderings of dreams. The diaristic element of Porcellino's work is particularly compelling. On page 125, read ''Picture This: A True Work Story Written at Lunch at Big Ray's, Drawn in 10 Minutes During Break Monday 3/18/1991,'' a tale of paycheck-job monotony and the way a few of the millions of people stuck in such employment find small pleasures in singing, joking, and commiserating. Porcellino is a master at miniature poignance.

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