KING-CAT CLASSIX in Contra Costa Times

Newfangled capers, old-school charm

Contra Costa Times    |    Randy Myers    |    June 24, 2007

"King-Cat Classix," by John Porcellino (Drawn & Quarterly, $29.95, 384 pages): If indie films on everyday people dealing with everyday reality isyour thing, you'll swoon over this compilation. Porcellino's self-published and personal zine -- the blogging of its day -- is stuffed with universal and unique truths. Don't be turned off by the basic artwork; its unadornment is part of the point, as Porcellino collects honest moments from his life and makes us feel like we're re-experiencing them. And, yes, there are kitties; quite a few that left indelible pawprints on his memory. A-

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