JULIE DOUCET slideshow on CBC

Julie Doucet Slideshow

CBC    |    CBC    |    February 8, 2008

For nearly two decades, Montreal artist Julie Doucet has wrestled with the need to expose herself. She has held every unsavoury impulse up to public scrutiny — the dirty dreams, the evenings snorting coke off her drafting table — detailing them in her erstwhile comic book series Dirty Plotte. So frank was she about her sexual misadventures that her books were sometimes confiscated as obscenity by Canada Customs.

Doucet has just published 365 Days, a sketchbook diary of a single year in her life. Its entries are less prurient than the confessions she laid bare in Dirty Plotte, but they’re no less revealing. Her candor and wit have made her a heroine in the comics world, where women are chronically distorted, or absent altogether.

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