It’s Nice That: Tom Gauld “one of the world’s great cartoonists”

Tom Gauld's short comics finally come together in a deservingly beautiful new book

It's Nice That    |    James Cartwright    |    March 19, 2013

With 2012’s Goliath receiving widespread critical success in Canada and the US, Tom Gauld has been slowly but surely chipping away at the North American market, securing his position as one of the world’s great cartoonists in the nation that consumes his medium more than any other. Though Goliath was Tom’s first full-length graphic novel, he’s been famous on this side of the Atlantic for a number of years now, not for long-form pieces of illustrated narrative but for short, sharp, three-panel stories.

His latest volume You’re All Just Jealous Of My Jetpack collects the very best of these short comics, all published in The Guardian over recent years, into one succinct volume that bristles with Tom’s acerbic wit, casting his critical gaze on everything from abattoirs to British literary greats. Compiled into a single volume, these mini tales take on a collective narrative that explores contemporary society in depth, forcing us to scrutinise ourselves and the realities we take for granted. More importantly they’re just seriously funny. Go buy them!

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