HOT POTATOE the “season’s treat” says The Calgary Herald

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The Calgary Herald    |    Nancy Tousley    |    February 10, 2010

Consider Hot Potatoe the season's treat. Marc Bell (Shrimpy and Paul, Illusztraijuns for Brain Police) is a Montrealbased comics artist whose work crossed over into art galleries ages ago. Hot Potatoe is his first artist's book, a big beautiful tome whose pages are covered with Bell's horror vacui, fine line watercolour drawings, mixed-media collages and constructions, and absurdist writings. His fantastical takeoff on the artist monograph, which this book resembles, begins with a piece called See You in The Funny Pages, Marc Bell: A Highly Organized Guy, by Don Van Vliet, the musician formerly known as Captain Beefheart, now a painter, and romps on from there. For those in the right frame of mind, this is a must-have.

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