Haunted reviewed by Newsarama


Newsarama    |    Michael C Lorah    |    May 5, 2008

Philippe Dupuy’s Haunted is a hard book to describe. Essentially, it follows a man – Dupuy himself? – as he jogs through a city and a park, only to dive deep down into his consciousness for a meditation on aging, self and fears, all lived out through unlikely anthropomorphic animals, surreal stream-of-conscious events, dream avatars and a Mexican lucha libre wrestler who enjoys dancing.

A challenging book, Haunted opens itself to the reader’s interpretations, and its success is, probably more than any other comic I’ve read, purely up to the indulgences, imagination and insight of the reader. I can say that I found several sequences moving, several incomprehensibly obtuse, and others outrageously funny. It’s definitely a book I’ll revisit during the years to see how my evolving perceptions of the world and myself align with and diverge from Dupuy’s poetic philosophies.

If that doesn’t tell you as much as you’d like, I’ll offer this thought: it’s a beautifully drawn book. Simply drawn, but deceptively elegant. Dupuy fills pages with swirling lines, cascading sensations at the reader, only to pull back and leave a single, pointed illustration on the next page, stopping the reading in its tracks and asking for a moment of reflection. It’s intriguing, engaging work. It may not entirely succeed for every reader who picks it up, but it certainly offers something that few other comics are willing to attempt.

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