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Booklist Review - Haunted

Booklist     |    Gordon Flagg    |    June 1, 2008

French cartoonist Dupuy is best known as half of the team that produces the long-running chronicles of Parisian Everyman Monsieur Jean. In Maybe Later (2006), he and Charles Berberian each showed what they were capable of producing separately. Now Dupuy reveals a darker, less-conventional side in this
rough-hewn work depicting his thoughts and encounters on his daily jogs. He meets, or imagines he meets, his deceased mother and an art-collecting duck, and muses upon a dog that chews off its paw to escape a trap and a boy born with no hands-the embodiment of a cartoonist's greatest fear. Other pieces portray a temperamental artist, a clique of anthropomorphic forest animals, and Mexican wrestlers. The polished visual approach of the Monsieur Jean stories is abandoned for a spontaneous, sketchlike look appropriate to the dreamlike quality of the stories. The self-doubting Dupuy is far less ingratiating than the sympathetic Jean, but the wry humor with which he confronts his demons and his powerful visual sense make for an equally rewarding, if less purely enjoyable, reading experience.

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