Harrisburg Patriot News reviews Dogs & Water

Graphic Lit

Harrisburg Patriot-News    |    Christopher Mautner    |    December 12, 2004

"Dogs and Water" by Anders Nilsen, Drawn & Quarterly, 88 pages, $9.95.

With both feet planted firmly in Samuel Beckett territory, Nilsen's stark, unsettling story centers on a nameless, lost traveler wandering through a bleak, war-torn landscape. His only companions are a teddy bear and a roving pack of wild dogs. Eventually he does come across some human beings, only to find himself caught in a crossfire of sorts and faced with an extremely uncomfortable moral decision.

Nilsen's sparse, thinly rendered line work adds to the level of existential discomfort that the artist seems to excel at. Yes, it's a haunting book, but "Dogs and Water" stays with you a lot longer than most recent comics, easily marking it as one of the best of the year.


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