Graphic Novel Reporter lists HARK!, PAYING FOR IT, GNBCC among best of 2011

Best of 2011

Graphic Novel Reporter    |    John Hogan    |    January 3, 2011

Hark! A Vagrant
by Kate Beaton
Drawn & Quarterly

You’ve never learned history like this. Kate Beaton is a wildly imaginative and hysterically funny chronicler of literature, history, and more in Hark! A Vagrant, which will make you laugh out loud at her wry observations and unique artwork.

Paying for It
by Chester Brown
Drawn & Quarterly

Once again, Chester Brown exposes his unique views on life and love—this time by chronicling his sexual history with prostitutes. Because of his honesty, his take on love and sex—whether you agree with it or not—is profound. You can argue, you can disagree, but what Brown presents is his truth, and because of it, it’s captivating.

Honorable Mentions
The Great Northern Brotherhood of Canadian Cartoonists
by Seth
Drawn & Quarterly

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