The Globe and Mail recommends HOT POTATOE in its holiday gift guide

Gift Books Guide: Comics & Graphica

The Globe and Mail    |    The Globe and Mail Staff    |    December 2, 2010

Gift ideas for people of all ages who still love to read comics

HOT POTATOE: Fine Ahtwerks: 2001-2008
By Marc Bell, Drawn & Quarterly, 272 pages, $44.95

There’s a fuzzy line between comics and fine art, and Marc Bell is determined to doodle all around it. A spiritual heir to R. Crumb and Jim Woodring, the Canadian artist has collected more than a decade’s worth of his absurdist tableaux, rendered in ’zines, mixed-media art and watercolour drawings. Is this a graphic novel or an artist’s monograph? Potatoe, po-tah-toe.

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