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Episode 200: Noah Baumbach, David Alan Grier, and Kids Comix

American Public Media    |    Jackson Musker    |    May 9, 2013

This week: Filmmaker Noah Baumbach on the new New York… David Alan Grier answers (most of) your etiquette questions… Autism pioneer Temple Grandin diagnoses Mr. Spock… Travel writer Matt Gross goes to the edge… “Love & rockets” co-creator Gilbert Hernandez on ’60s comics that were super, sans superheroes… Why guilt is good (for groceries)… and we toast folk-hero Colonel Blood with a tipple from London. Plus: the caveman lexicon, and a song from Savages.

....Since debuting in 1982, alternative comic book Love and Rockets influenced a generation to think outside the traditional superhero mold. Gilbert Hernandez, the series’ co-creator (along with his brother), has been called “one of the great craftsmen of modern comics,” by The New York Times. His new graphic novel, Marble Season, tells a semi-autobiographical story about growing up in the 1960s; he sketches out a few kids comics from that era that influenced him.

Little Archie Comics, Bob Bolling
Dennis The Menace, Owen Fitzgerald
Other kid-comics of the era, including Little Dot

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