Forbidden Planet delves into CHESTER BROWN’s PAYING FOR IT


Forbidden Planet    |    Richard Bruton    |    May 11, 2011

Chester Brown has always been an artist who takes his own, rather unique route. His debut; “Yummy Fur” was one of my first introductions to a world of alternative comics, and I absolutely loved it for its surreality and invention.

A switch to the pure autobiography of “The Playboy” worked even better. Brown’s unashamedly no holds barred ability to look at his own life, warts and all, had an honesty that meant it was incredibly readable. And his simple yet beautifully constructed artwork combined with this readability makes anything he turns his hand to; Bible stories, autobiography, the crusading, polemical ”Louis Riel” (a biographical retelling of the 19th Century Canadian politician and leader of the Métis people), absolutely essential reading.

And Paying For It is every bit the Chester Brown work. Essential certainly, intensely personal, unflinchingly honest but also somewhat difficult and flawed. Not in its execution, which is every bit as good as I expected from Brown, but because it’s determined to function as two things – autobiography and manifesto. And it’s a manifesto that a near evangelical Brown pushes just a little too far.

Paying For It, if you hadn’t already heard, details Chester Brown’s experiences with prostitution upon deciding he no longer wants all the emotional trouble of having relationships...

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