Flavorwire recommends MASTERPIECE COMICS for your nonreading friends.

10 Awesome Books to Give Your Nonreading Friends

Flavorwire    |    Toby Warner    |    December 2, 2009

If you’re a reader, you know the dilemma. You may love to give and get books, but you’ve got at least a few friends or family members who just aren’t into what you’ve hand-picked and lovingly gift-wrapped for them. Never fear! We present our handy list of eye-candy books for even the toughest crowd.

R. Sikoryak — Masterpiece Comics

Probably best known for his hilarious “Action Camus, Superman of Nihilism” illustrations, R. Sikoryak does cartoon parodies of the treasures of world literature. In this collection from Drawn & Quarterly, you’ll get Charlotte Brontë in the style of Tales from the Crypt, and The Metamorphosis as a Peanuts strip. Good, clean high/low-brow fun for the recovering English major.

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