FFWD Calgary reviews Hamilton Sketchbook

David Collier's Hamilton Sketchbook a wry look at life in Canada

FFWD Calgary    |    FFWD Calgary    |    October 24, 2002

The television sitcom may have forever jaded the consuming public to the idea of peeking in on the lives of a nuclear family through the eyes of a father. But when that father is Canadian illustrator and comic book creator David Collier and that peek is via his new book Hamilton Sketchbook, that cynicism should quickly evaporate.

In Hamilton Sketchbook, a contemplative series of drawings and commentary about Collier and his family's move from their longtime home of Saskatoon to Hamilton, he finds meaning in the smallest aspects of life and his wry observations manage to make the mundane interesting.

Collier may be best known for his illustrations in Saturday Night Magazine and the National Post, but he is also an internationally respected comic book artist.

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