Fashionista at Rookie Yearbook One Launch

Tavi Gevinson Launches Rookie Yearbook One

Fashionista    |    NILINA MASON-CAMPBELL    |    September 10, 2012

Like many other high-school students, Tavi Gevinson has been working on her yearbook. Unlike most however, it’s 352 pages and was launched at a bookstore with press and Lena Dunham in attendance.

The Rookie Yearbook One hit shelves last night and boasts a collection of articles about the nitty gritty of being a teen, penned by various contributors and culled from her website. Like Tavi herself, the stories are fun, unconventional and definitely non-cliched. The contributors who read them to the crowd were pretty special (and stylish), too. The ukelele group Supercute performed a theme song penned specially for the Yearbook before Tavi and friends took questions and signed copies for a crowd that snaked between two floors of the venue.

[Ed. note: I stopped by McNally last night, too--and though it was too packed to see or hear anything, I did note how stylish Tavi devotees are in their own distinctive way. Shaved heads with vintage '50s dresses. DIY purses and stickers on backpacks. It was a good scene.]

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