Fashionista aspires to be more like Tavi Gevinson

Six Reasons 16-Year-Old Tavi Gevinson is Cooler Than You’ll Ever Be

Fashionista    |    HAYLEY PHELAN    |    July 30, 2012

Most 16-year-olds’ greatest accomplishments involve acing their chem final and finally getting their driver’s license–but suffice it to say, Tavi Gevinson is not “most teenagers.”
From becoming a blogging sensation (at aged 13), attending fashion weeks around the world (in the front row, to the chagrin of some fashion folks), covering major fashion magazines, then starting her own successul magazine, Rookie, and rubbing shoulders with A-listers, Tavi is pretty much killing it. This fact was further underscored by the New York Times‘s recent profile of the teenage wunderkind, which detailed all the ways in which Tavi is basically the smartest, most successful, coolest teenager working in fashion today (sorry, Lindsey Wixson).
Read on for the six reasons why Tavi is cooler than you’ll ever be (and one reason why she’s not), as came to light in the NYT piece.
She has groupies:
It was a Monday afternoon in early July, and about 200 teenagers had gathered at Littlefield, the Gowanus performance space, to see the 16-year-old fashion blogger turned online impresario.
She’s the boss of a super-successful site:
The site updates three times every weekday, and though Ms. Alani [Rookie's story editor] and another editor oversee the content, Ms. Gevinson has the final say. “A lot of people would not be comfortable taking direction from a 16-year-old,” she said. “I can definitely see it being a compromise of one’s pride.”
A-listers want to work with her:
Sarah Silverman, Lena Dunham, Jon Hamm, Paul Rudd, Judd Apatow and John Waters have all contributed to her site.

She’s pals with Winona Ryder:
(Winona Ryder once gave her a painting of Stevie Nicks.)
…And Sofia Coppola:
“I actually made a zine about all [my interests, including The Twilight Zone, Fleetwood Mac, and 90s movies] called Strange Magic,” she said, “but so far I’ve only given it to one person.” The person was Sofia Coppola.
She gets to go on a road trip with her friends…for “work.”:
The Brooklyn event was the kickoff of the inaugural Rookie Road Trip, a 16-city tour across America….The road-trippers were Hazel Cills, [a Rookie contributor]; Petra Collins, 19, a photographer from Toronto; Petra’s sister, Anna Collins, 16; Petra’s boyfriend, Avery Hunsberger, 32, the sole male traveler and designated driver, quietly resigned to both roles; and Anaheed Alani, 42, acting as adult chaperon.
And one reason she’s sometimes–sometimes–just like us? She still has to answer to her freshman English teacher.
“She struggled a little bit early on,” said Jay Lind, her freshman English teacher. “She couldn’t keep coming in saying, ‘I’m a fashion blogger, do you mind if I turn this in two weeks late?’ But I think she figured it out.”
(Hopefully this will make you feel slightly less inadequate.)

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