EXIT WOUNDS reviewed by E!Online

Missing Links: The Mysteries of Exit Wounds Categories: graphic novel, awesomeness

E! Online    |    Erik Pedersen    |    August 28, 2007

Think The Bourne Ultimatum is the only thriller with characters you actually care about? Pick up Exit Wounds.

This terrific graphic novel by Israeli cartoonist Rutu Modan combines family dramas, interrupted love affairs and the fallout from a suicide bombing into a sleek, gripping tale.

With a clean illustration style that recalls Hergé’s Tintin adventures, Modan’s streamlined narrative concerns a surly Tel Aviv taxi driver who learns that his estranged father has gone missing after a bomb blast and a strange young woman wants his help to find out what happened.

Deftly combining realistic family portraits, a compelling mystery and a vivid sense of life in modern Israel, Exit Wounds is as plausible as it is unpredictable—and it’s impossible to put down.

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