EXIT WOUNDS in the Library Journal

The Library Journal Review - Exit Wounds

The Library Journal    |    David Garza    |    April 17, 2007

Caught up in the family taxi business in modern Tel Aviv, Koby Franco receives a peculiar dispatch to Army Spokesman Headquarters. There he meets Numi, a female soldier who has reason to believe that one of the victims of a suicide bombing of a bus station cafeteria in Hadera was Koby's father, Gabriel. Her only rationale is a glimpse on television of a handmade scarf at the attack scene that might have been Gabriel's. With the father/son relationship already estranged, Koby shrugs off the suggestion, denying the grim reality and reinforcing his apathy. Reluctantly, however, Koby joins Numi in hunting for clues that would explain more than just his father's abandoned apartment and go so far as to piece together the last months of all their lives and provide an unintended lesson in trust. Award-winning Israeli magazine and children's illustrator Modan delivers her debut with thin, controlled lines and bulky human figures that seem to be constantly moving in fluid yet lumbering anticipation of the next frame; it all recalls Winsor McCay's early animated shorts. Exit Wounds is a realistic urban mystery with engaging characters who end up being their own biggest clues. While the galley proofs are in black and white and softbound, the final version will be a full-color hardcover. A few instances of language and nudity and a sex scene that lasts for several pages make this appropriate for older teens and mature audiences. A promising debut from an author who knows how to employ emotion.

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