Eden and Picture This in the Las Vegas Weekly Best of 2010

The Year in Review: Books, Comics & Games

Las Vegas Weekly    |    Las Vegas Weekly Staff    |    December 30, 2010

1. Picture This, Lynda Barry Barry tackles some of the toughest questions imaginable in the realms of aesthetics, language development and even mental health in this inventive, relentlessly charming graphic novel/memoir posing as a how-to activity book.

2. Eden, Pablo Holmberg This collection of the Argentinean artist’s four-panel comic strips distills the medium to its purest form, telling super-short, romantic, fantastical and surprisingly complete stories using a few words, a few pictures and the manipulation of the passage of time.

3. Temperance, Cathy Malkasian Blessed with a Dr. Seuss-like ability to evoke the most serious problems and bleakest emotions in personalized, original, timeless fantasy elements, Malkasian has constructed a graphic epic involving a handful of colorful, tragic characters and their interlocking lives.

4. Flesh and Bone, Julia Gfrörer In delicate lines and occasionally furious cross-hatching, Gfrörer renders a strange romance about a young man mourning his deceased lover and the witch who helps him when no one else can.

5. Werewolves of Montepellier, Jason A successful jewel thief disguises himself as a werewolf during heists, eventually attracting the attention of real, actual werewolves in Jason’s latest deadpan dramedy masterpiece. While that might sound like the protagonist’s most urgent problem, his doomed crush on neighbor-turned-friend Audrey is the only thing truly eating him.

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