A DRIFTING LIFE reviewed by Boston’s Weekly Dig

A Drifting Life

Boston's Weekly Dig    |    Erik Ziedses Des Plantes    |    June 19, 2009

Yoshihiro Tatsumi does not have to answer to anyone in his storied career as a manga innovator—which is what makes the 840-page A Drifting Life that much more awe inspiring. Not a page is wasted in the telling of Tatsumi's story, which chronicles his development from young manga enthusiast to constant trendsetter in the field he fell in love with. It is uncompromising—with more characters, business conversations and location changes than a Dostoyevsky novel—yet its simple language and emotional weight offer it a warmth and accessibility that goes beyond being a mere comic. Throughout, Tatsumi finds himself wrestling with several issues: The intersection of passion and business, his inability to start relationships and the constantly changing tides of his industry. As he develops in the post-World War II world, so does the entire nation of Japan. This is Tatsumi's life manifesto, delivered six decades into his career. Definitely worth the wait.

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