Cyclopedia Exotica, My Begging Chart, Fictional Father runners up on PW’s best graphic novel

Bechdel’s ‘Secret to Superhuman Strength’ Wins PW’s 2021 Graphic Novel Critics Poll

Publishers Weekly    |    PW Staff    |    December 15, 2021

Cyclopedia Exotica by Aminder Dhaliwal (Drawn & Quarterly)

“The lives of ten characters in the same city intertwine as each grapples with living in an otherized body. Their physical differences are fetishized, marketed to, discriminated against, and misunderstood, as bodies are in our own world…Dhaliwal is such a deft and clever storyteller! This book made me giggle and made me think, and it fueled my own determination to continue pushing for real social change.” – MK

My Begging Chart by Keiler Roberts (Drawn & Quarterly)

“Roberts’ snapshots of funny, mundane moments again cover both making art and growing small humans—the absurdity within motherhood and creative work intertwine beautifully in her comics—which feel both immediately recognizable and fabulously offbeat. But in this volume Roberts also more profoundly takes on the isolation that her degenerative illness and the reality of the pandemic find her family in.” - ML

Fictional Father by Joe Ollmann (Drawn & Quarterly)

“An unusual comic-dramatic narrative that keeps readers on their toes; Ollmann never telegraphs where things are going, and his characters are fully fleshed out and believable.” – RK

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