CRICKETS reviewed by the Onion

AV Club Review - Crickets

The Onion A.V. Club    |    The AV Club    |    April 3, 2006

If Huizenga has a rival for the mantle of art-comics hero, it's Sammy Harkham, the L.A. DIY champion whose anthology Kramers Ergot has given the new movement a home. Harkham's new solo book Crickets #1 (Drawn & Quarterly) starts off with a lengthy sequence of a man running through the woods that's pretty much par for the course as far as crudely drawn, hard-to-follow modern art-comics go; but the second half improves greatly when the man (and his golem) meet a father and son traveling on a morbid mission. What happens next is blackly comic and genuinely shocking, and though Crickets may never live up to its first-issue climax, Harkham at least appears to know what he's doing… B+

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