THE COLLECTED DOUG WRIGHT reviewed by PopMatters

The Collected Doug Wright: Canada's Master Cartoonist, Vol. 1

PopMatters    |    Jason Buel    |    July 20, 2009

Doug Wright was one of Canada’s most well-known cartoonists and is often compared to the likes of Charles Schulz. Though born and raised in England, Wright become an important fixture in Canadian pop culture. After flunking out of high school and dropping out of an art program after three weeks because his instructors were encroaching on his style, Wright moved to Montreal and got his humble start in the industry by taking a job as an illustrator for the Sun Life insurance company. The Collected Doug Wright: Canada’s Master Cartoonist doesn’t begin quite as humbly. The book opens with a brief introduction from Lynn Johnston, creator of For Better or Worse, which praises Wright for his mastery of his craft and for the profound influence his work had on her. She identifies a few reasons for Wright’s widespread appeal: “His images sequences always had just enough information, just enough expression and just enough slapstick to make them truly believable and therefore truly funny. We identified with every situation from all points of view. There were no perpetual heroes, no perpetual villains, just real people”.


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