The Coast reviews REUNION by PASCAL GIRARD


The Coast    |    Dave Hayden    |    May 26, 2011

When it comes to our high school years, most people have delusions that they were somehow better than they actually were. It's a natural defense mechanism, really. That is the premise of Pascal Girard's new graphic novel Reunion---a humourous, if not slightly cringe-y account of how he convinced himself that he was a popular, cool kid when in fact he was socially awkward, pitiable and one of "those kids," a freak and geek who was an easy target. All of which becomes painfully obvious when he's confronted with old high school attitudes and long-forgotten jerks on the big weekend. The only thing worse than remembering what those years were really like is, perhaps, being forced to relive them as adults when we should know better.

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