Chris Oliveros interviewed by Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weekly Interview - Chris Oliveros

Publishers Weekly    |    Publishers Weekly    |    August 12, 2009

...Over at Drawn and Quarterly, publisher Chris Oliveros was on hand to talk with PWCW about gekiga, the “literary” manga genre focused on capturing a gritty sense of reality . On the heels of the success of Tatsumi Yoshihiro's acclaimed manga biography, A Drifting Life, D&Q will publish two more gekiga books this fall, Red Snow by Susumu Katsumata, winner of the Japanese Cartoonists Association Award grand prize in 2006, and the edgy Box Man by contemporary creator Imiri Sakabashira.

“With each passing month we’re discovering more and more gekiga artists, ” Oliveros said. “There’s amazing work out there.” Oliveros compares gekiga to American independent comics. “The themes are similar.” He said. “But it preceded independent comics here [by 30-40 decades]. Here it was [superheroes like] Aquaman.You could see the beginnings of indie comics in the underground comics, but it doesn’t have the subtlety that gekiga has.”

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