CBR praises Miriam Katin’s “funny and light-hearted” storytelling

Miriam Katin is Letting It Go

Comic Book Resources    |    Alex Dueban    |    April 21, 2013

Miriam Katin spent much of her life as graphic designer and working in animation, making the shift to become a cartoonist relatively late in life. Her first full length graphic novel was published in 2006, when she was in her sixties. "We Are On Our Own" told the story of Katin and her mother escaping Budapest before the Nazi arrival, hiding out in the countryside during World War II. It was a harrowing, powerful story told in beautiful and haunting black and white drawings.

Katin's newest graphic novel, published by Drawn and Quarterly, is "Letting It Go.' The book is a memoir, but one that recounts recent events perhaps best appreciated after having read her first book. In it, Katin's adult son announces that he intends to move to Berlin, a decision to which she does not respond well. It is the story of her coming to terms with his choice and her own feelings about the city. It is also funny and light-hearted, as playful as her first book was stark. Katin spoke with CBR News about George Cruikshank, cockroaches, what happened after the events in the book and coming to love daily life in Berlin.

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