CBR Features Woman World

5 Bright Future Comics to Read Right Now

CBR    |    Caitlin Chappell    |    April 4, 2020

Originally a webcomic, Aminder Dhaliwal's story Woman World takes place after two future events: a series of natural disasters that upended civilization and the mysterious inability for cisgender men to be born. While the comic could've focused on the negatives of an apocalypse, Dhaliwal focuses on who these women are as well as what they can do as a community to thrive. This book is full of charming vignettes about life in a post-apocalyptic world and it's a world full of love, freedom and compassion, led by women who make the best of the situation. Just because the world ends, doesn't mean society cannot improve. The inhabitants of Woman World create a society that is funny and welcoming.

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